surryhills2010 is a blog dedicated to the challenge I set myself in January 2011.  Simply, to eat at a new restaurant in the 2010 postcode every time I go out for a meal.  Why, to see how long it takes to get to the end.  My prediction?  I will never get to the end because at least every other week, a new restaurant opens in my ‘hood.

Who am I?

I’m a TV Producer with a passion for food but more importantly the ambience and mood that that food is presented in.  I am a firm believer in ‘vibe’, and getting that vibe right is something that very few restaurants achieve.  Originally from Melbourne, I have a particularly honed ‘nose’ for the ‘right’ kind of vibe.  Whether its a converted warehouse space that uses the right amount of low level sculptural lighting, industrial chic and noise dampening techniques to convey a feeling of warmth with an edgy heart; or a cosy, exposed-brick, hole in the wall serving rustic italian share plates with spectacular wine, Im always on high alert for those restaurants that get the feeling right, from the minute you step in the door.  And after years of providing this advice ad hoc to all my friends, I thought I’d start putting it all into a blog that can be used by everyone.


One response to “About

  • khali

    hello…………………….it me khali from MilleVini
    hmmmmmm…………………think its been a few weeks now

    hope all is well with u

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